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Mrs. Bunny, The Clown!

Cheryl M. Henderson has been clowning at different events through out St. Louis and St. Louis Counties since the late 1980's. She would use clown comedy in her Sunday School and Children's Church classes to make the lessons more fun. She's been entertaining and teaching children since she was 16 years old. It's what she has always wanted to do.

In 2004, she decided to become a professional clown and began an extensive study in the art of clowning. She constantly attends classes, seminars, and workshops to keep up with the ever-changing clown world. Using her skills in website designing, bookkeeping, business management and customer service, Cheryl has developed a successful business where customer *C.A.R.E. is a priority!

    Service Features:


St. Louis Christian Clown Club

Show Me Clowns For Jesus

St. Louis Balloon Jam


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Education & Continuing Education:

COAI Clown School Graduate

Continuous Face Painting Classes

Member of St. Louis Balloon Jam

Cadeco Magic

St. Louis Christian Clown Club Workshops

Certified "Balloonatic" from COAI Clown School



    C - Cheerful:                 I keep a happy heart and share it everywhere I go!

    A - Arms:                      My arms are full of encouraging hugs!

    R - Remember:             I always remember to make the client happy!

    E - Everyone:                 I treat everyone with dignity and respect, even the children!