Mrs. Bunny, The Clown
Clown Classes Application


Thank you for choosing  Mrs. Bunny, The Clown- Clown Classes!

These classes are designed to give the new clown solid basics of clowning to help them get off to a good start.
The curriculum is simple and consist of 3 classes in 3 sections:

•General Clowning
•Face Painting & Balloon Twisting
•Work book, paints and balloons w/pump included

Fee: $75 per class.
Types of payment accepted: or check payable to:

Cheryl M. Henderson
6623 Alder Avenue
Berkeley, MO 63134

Next class TBA

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Note: Mrs. Bunny, The Clown does not guarantee employment from the classes. Acknowledge here: X_________

Any questions? Contact Cheryl M. Henderson 314-750-7094 or 314-522-9978 (10a-10p, Mon-Sun)

“Clown Classes” is Christian-based and reserves the right to refuse any teaching that it deems spiritually unhealthy.

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